Fingerscrossed is a premium cycling essentials brand with products ranging from socks to gloves, headwear, shoecovers and bikestands. Founded in 2016 by Susanne and Patrick the brand has transformed from a handful of sock-designs to multiple collections per year equipping cyclists around the world with the best possible products.

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Educated as a communication designer Susanne lately worked as a product designer to build a deep knowledge with different materials and its workmanship. Combining her passion for cycling and design. FINGERSCROSSED gives a platform to display her vision.


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After he worked several years in a cycle store Patrick finished his study and worked in the fashion industry for brands like Ralph Lauren and J.Lindeberg. Cycling has always been super important for him to find his balance. He was chasing for these brands with a little twist but not being too showy. On and off the bike. With FINGERSCROSSED he feels fully in line with his pursuit of cycling socks.