The setting off capsule is a women specific collection of products to be used on and off the bike. Curated and designed by FINGERSCROSSED founder and creative force Susanne Lay every little detail is thought out and well put together. Each label is working as a design feature transporting a unique message as well as the stylized friendship bracelets on the zippers.

An ode to the connection you build through sports and movement. Whether it’s making friends on the go, strengthening existing relationships or finding a new way to connect with your inner self.

What were your thoughts behind the collection?

I’d say there’s a few different thoughts that went into the process of creating the collection. The first idea to design this women’s specific SETTING OFF collection came through a very personal event that moved and motivated me in special way. I am very lucky to have found my own way of channeling my thoughts and feelings into creating new things and have other people be part of that journey as well.

The products are all based off my own need of gear that works the same way on and off the bike. A hybrid jacket that looks good on the bike, on a hike or just for a stroll through the city. I personally enjoy wearing a T-shirt with bib shorts. It just feels a little easier and takes the pressure off your riding.

Keeping the pieces as clean and muted as possible was key for me from the first sketches on. So I came up with telling the story mostly through the labels and only some black illustrations. But also giving it a little twist through the friendship bracelets on the backpack and jacket. The colourful details can carry so many individual connections and memories. Maybe they already remind you of something or someone or over time they pick up on all the experiences and places you’ve been.

The mountain illustration with its peaks and valleys - constant ups and downs. A line that connects the end with the beginning symbolises the return. A new beginning.

What drives your design process?

It must be a mix of seeing and experiencing beautiful but also ‚not so beautiful‘ things. That’s what motivates and inspires me the most. I try to make the most out of each and every situation and have my work reflect on it. As I said it’s all a matter of channeling your emotions into creating something new. This might be positive or negative emotions.

You shot the campaign on Hochfelln, a mountain close to your and also FINGERSCROSSED’s home. What does this proximity mean to you?

This mountain has played a big role for me ever since I was a kid. I learnt how to ski, made new friends and collected great moments on there. For me it’s place that always lifts me up and gives me carries a lot of power. The way I can ride my bike there, leave it at the foot of the mountain and then hike up to the top all within a few hours also just captured the collection perfectly.