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We have put together the right Christmas present for you. Individually packaged. Directly under the christmas tree. Free shipping till Christmas.

With GOOD TO HAVE we have created a new line to accompany you on your bike or everyday life. FINGERSCROSSED stands for straight lines. Our products don’t cry for an audience. They don’t need to be acknowledged. They can support, emphasize, integrate and highlight - and they are strong by themselves.

Merino wool is one of the noblest types of wool: warming, insulating and water-repellent - it always regulates the body temperature. In high heat, merino wool dissipates body heat and on cold days, the merino layer keeps the body warm.

THIS IS CYCLING is about the entirety of the sport. From pure, deep emotion to light and happy moods. From chatting with friends while riding to racing the roads pushing limits.

Hell Yeah is were it started 1 1/2 years ago. This design has a very special meaning to us. By creating a sock we wanted to ride ourself we experienced great feedback and started our journey.

The CLASSICS are not about fashion or trends. The range is reduced to a sophisticated look to dress classic but not less good on the bike.