• We are taking our Merino expertise to the streets. Keep your head warm with our casual beanie offering made from 100% Merino wool.

  • Looking for style, versatility and functionality? The triangle scarf comes in handy. Fold it for extra warmth during the colder months.

  • The headband is an indispensable piece of clothing that is constantly in use during the cold months.

  • The Early Winter Gloves are made with a water-resistant and windproof neoprene upper to ensure optimal protection against the elements.

  • A Primaloft insulated full-finger glove to protect you from the elements even on the coldest days of winter.

  • The one choice for the absolute coldest days. For when the temperature itself is an adventure already.

  • If you are lucky enough to live in a region with mild winters these products will help you get trough it, protect from cold mornings but are still easily packed into your jersey pocket once the intensity or temperatures rise.

  • You experienced the first snow already though the roads are starting to dry up. With sunshine on the weekend and single digit temperatures it seems like a good day of winter riding lays ahead of you. This setup will keep you warm and cozy for that exact scenario. 

  • The indoor trainer just doesn’t do it for you, so you head out to ride your bike no matter the weather. These deep winter essentials will accompany you on the most adventurous expeditions. Just make sure to choose the right tires for the riding you are about to do.


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  • Make your best days on the bike even more memorable with the leather Handlebar Bag.

  • An essential piece for any training ride the Tool Roll takes up a spare tube, tire lever, cart- ridge and a multitool.

  • The jersey pocket format makes it an essential piece for on bike adventures as well as your day to day schedule.