If you’re immersed in the bike sport, you likely agree that there is a peacefulness inherent in cycling. Much like a pretty large incoherent family, cyclists share many oddities, like awkward tans, and are universally bound by a passion for their lifestyle. One that constantly seeks to accelerate, to optimize, to speed, to improve. In our opinion, our lifestyle should also apply those high standards to our morals. It should come with a tolerance towards the diverse, sometimes quirky characters within the cycling community.

At FINGERSCROSSED, we believe our brand should not only stand for high performance and cool equipment. We also embody a holistic joie de vivre, commitment and respect for each other. We’re bound together by a common love for the sport itself but also the peacefulness that it brings us.

Our capsule collection »Rolling Harmony« is a wearable attempt to put the peace pace first. To be willing to show gratitude and respect for one another – on the road as well as at home, in our teams and in our families.

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Tom, Head of Sales + Ecommerce @ STANDERT

"When cycling is your passion, working in or around it should always have a positive affect on your life. It means your social and working life are often intertwined and working with like-minded people with whom you share a passion is quite rewarding, it means we often spend time together riding bikes outside of work and often have lots to talk about whilst at work. It's nice to be apart of the cycling community in Berlin too."

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#10_05 BLOCKS

Paul, former pro cyclist + host @ BESENWAGEN

"Over the time I started to realize that cycling is more than just competing and through our community and the guests we had in our Podcast, I changed my perspective on cycling."

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#10_09 HEARTS

Luisa, Architect

"For me, riding my bike is simply the perfect way to leave the daily routines behind for a little while."

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#10_06 STRIPES

Sebastian, Social Media Marketing Manager

"Like you should ventilate a room during work, you should also ventilate your body and mind.Cycling does that for me."

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