Moments of joy, smiling at the sun, sometimes struggling with crosswinds but even more enjoying the time spent together on and off the bike picking up local produce, jumping into the sea, dining in beachfront fish restaurants and exploring this unique part of the world located in the middle of the ocean. The mission was to escape the middle European Winter for an extended weekend and get inspired by the endlessly calm landscapes. Inspired to shoot our Spring Campaign for the Movement Collection.

With a set-up rooted in our values as a small scale bicycle fashion brand, we travelled to Lanzarote with a team of four. Both Founders Susanne and Patrick as well as Daniel and Andro working in Design and Marketing for FINGERSCROSSED respectively. Easy to travel to and with summer-like temperatures throughout the whole winter, Lanzarote seemed like the perfect destination. Read below how we spent our days on the volcanic island. Where’s the best riding, must see places and is the water cold?

Exploring the southern part of the island as a start parts of the island here are no older than a couple hundred years shaped by volcanic eruptions in the 18th century. This makes for a unique landscape we haven’t experienced anywhere else yet. Whereas the rest of the island offers fine gravel and sandy roads the Timanfaya National Park is characterized by huge volcanic boulders with only one road going through in a straight line leading towards the coast. After jumping into the water – beware of the swell and cold water – we headed off on a quest for the ideal dinner spot.

We couldn’t have been luckier than riding through Caleta de Famara only thirty minutes later. The surfy town offers plenty of seaside restaurants as well as smaller bodegas if you only feel like grabbing a snack and sitting on the beach watching the waves roll in.

The next day we headed towards the northern part of the island. Always have a look at the wind forecast to try and escape headwinds through your choice of route. Upon arrival the island seems fairly flat, especially compared to the more prominent other Canary Islands. Once you start planning your route you’ll quickly come to realize that it might not be very mountainous, but all of the hills start adding up to a decent amount of elevation rather quickly.

Today’s menu featured the iconic Tabayesco climb. As one of the few green spots of the island, the road takes you along a valley that is shaped by agriculture. Starting from the sea it ends on one of the highest points on the island. A plateau with beautiful 360 degree views on top but be careful with the cross winds.

A perfect wrap to two days exploring this remote island and getting a glimpse of summer during the coldest month back home.

The trip reflects on the thoughts behind the collection highlighting the feeling that physical activity and cycling in particular give us. Sometimes highly motivated, sometimes less, we try and find a way to get the exercise in. Lead by the feel we all know so well. Stopping for a coffee at the end of the ride, before everyone heads into different directions on their way home. The moment you open your door and know you’ll reward yourself with your favorite meal. The tired calmness filling your soul. Movement is a way to elevate your future.