FINGERSCROSSED socks do not compromise in design and performance. The parts of heel and toes offer a triple strengthening to grant comfort and long durability. By using PROLEN®YARN we offer the best features for cycling socks.


The PROLEN®YARN has no water-absorbing coating on the outside, which would wash off after some time. Rather, this coating is integrated into the yarn. There is no coating either in the yarn. Prolen itself from the nature does not absorb moisture, it just wicks it away. The yarn lies directly on the skin and does not absorb any moisture. It can absorb moisture from the body and transport it outwards through the empty spaces of the yarn. The skin simply stays dry for longer.


FINGERSCROSSED guarantees a new dimension of comfort and freedom of movement. PROLEN® is the lightest fibre ever developed, with a density lower than water, 50% lighter than cotton. PROLEN® clothing is the lightest so far on the market.


Resistant to abrasion, tension and tearing. PROLEN®'s resistance to wear is 2.5 times that of cotton or wool. PROLEN® garments withstand bad weather, sun, sweat and moisture very well. Thanks to the fact that the yarn is dyed with a drum dye  Prolen is dope-dyed or mas dyed, i think drum dye is sth different , the racing socks remain colourfast even after repeated washing. The colour does not migrate to your skin.


"Cools in summer, heats up in winter, keeps the skin dry."


  • Does not cause allergies, can be worn by people with a very sensitive skin

  • Does not contain toxic substances (surface dyes, pesticides, formaldehydes), doing harm to men or the environment, which can be absorbed by skin to the lymphatic system or blood and which can cause infertility, respiration illnesses, skin irritations, cancer etc. Does not react to chemical substances produced by perspiration

  • Is bacteriostatic

  • Has a moderately negative charge, beneficial for the body. A minus ion in prolen®yarn promotes blood circulation and purification, inhibits free radicals. Regulates autonomous nerves and activates cells

  • Cools in summer, heats up in winter, keeps the skin dry


"To produce one kg of cotton, you can use up to 11.000 litres of water. To produce and colour Prolen, you do not use a drop of water."


To produce one kg of cotton, you can use up to 11.000 litres of water. To produce and colour Prolen, you do not use a drop of water.  Usually in countries where they plant cotton, people suffer from lack of water plus lack of food because the fileds where they could grow food i sused for planting cotton. Also cotton ans other types of yarns are usually dyed on the surface, that means that the dyes can migrate to your skin plus to the rivers after being washed, The dyeing process of cotton (for example for jeans) and other types of yarns destroys rivers.


PROLEN® garments have the property of maintaining the ideal temperature in contact with the skin. They adapt to your skin temperature. The PROLEN® yarn has the lowest conductivity of all fibres and provides thermal comfort due to its exceptional insulating power.



  • Minimal care for clothes made of Prolen®yarn

  • Moisture resistance, stains and spots do not subside inside the fiber

  • No shrinkage

  • Quick drying

  • Does not need ironing



  • in the production process

  • low energy consumption

  • low water consumption

  • no environmental pollution

  • 100% recyclable yarn


"100% recyclable yarn"



The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is a worldwide consistent, independent testing and certification system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.