WILLY - Music agent for SONY

We want to introduce you to the person in front of the camera. It is important for us who represents our products. You`ll get to know to new FACES who work with us and share a passion - cycling.





"...Always cycle in style"
Why is cycling good for you?
Frees the mind, powers the body and soothes the soul
When & how often do you ride your bike?
As often as possible, mostly in the mornings when the city is still asleep and there is peace on the roads
How do you feel when riding your bike?
Positively adrenalized
Do you prefer company or are you a lonesome rider - why?
25% company-rider and 75% lonesome-rider.
Why did you pick the bike you ride – what do you love about it?
No bike is like any other bike, each bike is different. Mine is customized to my own needs. You can feel that
Did cycling change your life – tell us about it!
It has taken control over me, O.W.C.!
How do you define STYLE – why is it important to you?
Style is something you have or you don’t have. You can not learn it, you earn it!
What would you never wear?
Which FINGERSCROSSED sock do you love the most?
The color green, a perfect color for spring and fall time
Who inspires you?
Simple things, a poem, people, the smell of summer in the air
Who influenced your way of cycling?
All the fallen heroes of cycling, for whom I have a deep sympathy
Which values are most important to you personally?
Reliability, honesty and fairplay
Is cycling healthy?
Healthy as an apple a day that keeps the spin doctor away
Are you a bad weather cyclist?
Only if race days dictate it
Do you inspire others to ride?
Sometimes, almost, always
What’s the purpose of cycling?
Make today better than yesterday
How is your personality reflected in your lifestyle?
Always cycle in style, like a gentleman would
Does cycling influence your way of working?
My way of working is built on cycling
What are the 3 best songs for you at the moment?
Materia “Aliens”, Alice Merton “No Roots”, Bilderbuch “Bungalow”
Which 3 roads one must have cycled in a lifestime?
Mont Ventoux (all three sides), Muro di Sormano, Stelvio (all three sides)
In which country would you love to cycle and why?
Japan. Great landscape with roads you travel not much in your lifetime
What is your ultimate best equipment / clothing tip for cycling?
Dressing the cyclist top down: Giro-Oakley-Void-FINGERSCROSSED-Fiz’ik
Tell us about your first experience on a roadbike: why did you get on it and how did it feel?
Falling in love with the lightness and speed combined
How is music and cycling related?
Beat and cadence, hit and yellow jersey
What are the 3 most important facts about cycling for you personally?
Physical and mental fitness, quality of material and both in combination with a cool look
With whom would you die to cycle?
Sir Bradley Wiggins
Did you ever take part in a race – tell us about it!
Magic! Races take you beyond your personal limit, they are the ultimate extreme experience
How does cycling make the world a better place?
Cycling is the world’s detoxer
Would you ever ride a mountainbike?
Indoor cycling yes or no?
Indoor only if the weather outside is prohibitive to take a healthy ride
Would you cycle around the world?
In search of Shangri-La and never return
Why should anyone start cycling?
Because each journey bears a lot of surprises
Would you rather cycle 200km in flat landscape  or 100km in the mountains?
Definitely 100km mountains
What do you eat when cycling?
Stuff you don’t eat every day…
What’s the most important thing you carry with you when cycling?
My lost and found medal around my neck
Do you read cycling magazines / blogs / ... ? If yes, which ones?
I like to read the Pelotonmagazine











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Photo: Phil Pham