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You probably often feel that riding a roadbike is a passion which brings with it a very one-sided physical strain. Most of the rest of the time you don’t spend sitting in the saddle is then often badly spent in front of the computer, in the car or on the couch. This set of exercises should make it easier for you to start with your stretching routine today and make it an integral part of your everyday life.
Those 14 simple excersises will ease your „edged“ body: starting with easing a tense neck from keeping-an-eye- on-the-street and ending with the toes stuck in your racing bikeshoes.
You should see these exercises as a „kit“ you can pick from (it would be best doing some everyday), making it your stretching aka „yoga in bibshorts“.




Let me tell you beforehand: Take your time for your stretching routine. You should give your body at least three minutes for each exercise. Don‘t stiffen up; your muscles shouldn‘t block. Go into the excersises until you feel a trigger and try to differ a „stretching-pain“ (then you should stay in the position) from a real pain. If so you should slowly (!) get out of the position and find an alternive position that it good for you. Listen to your body!

Yes, the first few weeks will be painful. But that is okay, it‘s going to get better- i promise! Try not to see the stretching as an annoying everyday task. See it as something that is good for you and your body in longterm. Celebrate it with good music and maybe direct digital detox? You will see that compared to power sports and sweaty training, taking attentive time for your body and yourself definately turns into an addiction and you will notice quick progress.


#1 Cat-Cow 


This is about moving your entire spine, from top to toe. The arms actively press into the floor and you move the spine up and down, also from left to right.

Stretching: Back & shoulders


#2 Anahatasana (mealting heart pose) 

This exercise helps you to open up your chest and mobilize it between the shoulders. The arms are stretched away from you and the hands press into the floor actively. The back gets long and you lay your fore- head down on the floor.

Stretching: Back & chest


#3 Adductor/ inner leg

Bring your forearm to the floor as a base and lay your knees down- wider than your shoulders. The inside of the feet are on the ground. Push your bottom back. Try to make the gap between floor and bottom smaller.

Stretching: Adductor & inner leg


#4 The upward dog

Press the back of your feet and the widely stretched Hands firmly to the mat. Lift the knees and hips off the floor. Your chest opens up to the front, the shoulder blades come together, shoulders away from the ears. Tense your bottom and activate the shoulders.

Stretching: Inner leg & chest


#5 The down dog (with bended knees) 

Get on your toes and push your bottom back on your heels. Hands are the same as in the upward dog. From this position slowly strech the legs halfway and try to keep your shoulders low and your back long.

Stretching: leg backside & back


#6 Wrists / forearms

Get into the all-fours-position. Now you start pushing your shoulders in circling movements (let them get bigger and bigger) back and forth, so you get different pressure on your wrists and stretch them. The tension goes into the forearms depending on the position. Move gently and loo- sen your hands when you‘ve finished.

Position one: Tips of the fingers face the front
Position two: Tips of the fingers face the knees
Position three: Tips of the fingers face eachother
Position four: Tips of the fingers face eachother, back of the hands on the floor

Stretching: Wrists, fingers & forearms

# 7 Feet and neck

Get on the tip of your toes and sit down on your heels. Grab your lower legs and stretch your neck by slowly moving your head in circles and keeping your arms stretched.

#8 Camel pose (Ustrasana)


Grab your heels with your hands and push your hips to the front. Open your chest and therefore stretching your shoulder girdle.

Stretching: Toes & neck


#9 The down dog


Get into the down dog and bend your legs in turn whilst pushing the heel of the other down to the floor. Feel the excersise in your calves and the whole back of the legs.

Stretching: Leg backside & calves


#10 The lunge

Do a wide lunge, bend your front knee low over the heel. Push the back knee far back (maybe you want to put a blanket under the knee). From here on push your hips towards the ground. For another opening of the chest stretch your arms up high and tense your bottom for a short moment.

Stretching: Hip, leg front and chest

#11 Back of the legs

Prop yourself up with your arms and then, with a stretched lower back, lean yourself carefully to the front. Try to keep your legs and feet loose in between.

Stretching: Leg Backside & lower back


#12 Front of the legs

Sit down (possibly on a block or a blackroll), lean to the front and stretch the front of your leg. 

Stretching: Leg front side


#13 Front of the legs -variation

Bring your knees together and open your feet wider than your hips. Turn your calf outwards and sit down. Now lean back and stabilize on your forearms.

Stretching: Leg front side & lower back


#14 Shoulders

Turn onto your tummy, lean on your forearm and push the other arm through. Optional you can push through both arms left and right and lay your forehead down on the mat. Afterwards change sides.

Stretching: Shoulders



Whenever you need a break, go into the childspose and calm your breathing. Always finish the exercise calmly and feel, what it does to your body.





Christina, 27, cycling enthusiast, just finished her yoga teacher training. with her teaching style she wants to engage all kinds of people to develop a self responsive and balanced training and body work. may it be called "yoga" or not. read more on her website




Thank you Lukas from team knack for the suffering, Christina from the down dog for the great cooperation, also thanks to bklyn ath. for the tutorial sequence and great location.