"...it changed my focus and made me want to train hard..."


1. By following you on Instagram it looks like in earlier days you have been more on the single speed or riding some trails on the dirt. Today it feels like you are getting more into structured endurance training on the road?

Yeah, that’s true. I started training ‘properly’ last year when I entered my first Red Hook Crit. I loved it so much that it changed my focus and made me want to train hard and get as strong and fast as I can. I still love riding dirt jumps and mountain biking though. It’s hard to fit it all in though!

2. Most beautiful ride on a bike?

Hmm, there have been a few but probably cycling round the Izu Peninsular in Japan on my honeymoon.

3. Toughest climb?

This has got to be in Gran Canaria! I’ve forgotten the name of it but there’s one climb of nearly 50km that went straight out from our hotel to the top of the island. I can’t say it’s a true 50km climb because there are about 3 flat kilometres within that 50km but trust me, it’s super hard. 

4. Are you somebody who is training with powermeter and heart rate or do you listen into your body?

I love training with a power meter and/or heart rate. I’ve been using Powertap P1 power meter pedals recently and it’s totally changed my training for the better.

5. Do you have more cats or bikes?

Definitely bikes. We only have 4 cats at the moment. I reckon there’s room for more.

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Pictures by Juliet Elliott